Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adult ADHD Question-and-Answer: on ADHD and "Denial"

A few years ago, I participated in an Ask the Expert Chat on "ADHD and Relationships", sponsored by the National Resource Center on ADHD. In this free forum, the public is invited to ask questions of a top ADHD expert in a live online chat. This text-based Q&A is later stored in the CHADD Ask the Expert archive (you can view the topics at that link but access is limited to CHADD members). Among CHADD membership's many benefits, I consider this one of the best!
The Internet is chockablock with information on ADHD, but some of it is unreliable. You can count on these Ask the Expert chats to be solid. (The latest one was with Dr. Russell Barkley.) Moreover,  back issues of CHADD's excellent Attention magazine are stored in the archives for members' access. So, if you're not a CHADD member, I encourage you to sign up now (it's tax-deductible, too!).

During my Ask the Expert chat, the questions came in massive quantities!  So many that I didn't have time to answer them in the chat itself. Fortunately, I saved the file. In the coming months, I will be sharing the most topical questions and answers with you.  This month: What do you do when an adult in your life is "in denial" about what seem obvious ADHD-related challenges?