Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Partners in Life, Partners in ADHD Awareness

You share a life together – maybe even a bed, a checking account, and human offspring, too. It might sound surprising (especially to some less-than-savvy physicians and therapists), but ADHD evaluation and treatment outcome also typically benefits from a shared "team" approach. Let's examine the reasons why.

Elaine finally decided to seek professional help for her long-ago diagnosed ADHD. But it still took her three months to actually book the appointment. Unfortunately, that therapist ended up knowing little about ADHD, and Elaine gave up on finding another one on her insurance plan.

     “She gives up easily with most obstacles," boyfriend Brian explains, "and then she also quickly forgets why her ADHD is a problem -- until she loses her next job." For a long time, Brian didn’t push her because he didn’t like the idea of "acting like Big Daddy." Intervening just didn’t seem healthy.